Night/Day Blind Order

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Before proceeding with filling out this order have you received your FREE fabric sample? If you haven't we recommend you order a sample to make sure you are happy with the colour of the fabric.


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Blind Width(mm) *

Blind Drop(mm) *

The minimum drop is 350mm, please check you are ordering in millimetres

Which Room

Window Mount *

Bracket Colour *

Inside blind (closest to window)

Inside blind Bottom Rail Colour *

Inside blind Fabric Direction *

Outside blind (closest to ROOM)

Outside blind Bottom Rail Colour *

Outside blind Fabric Direction *

Shared Items

Bottom Rail Shape *

Silent strip – reduces noise of the bottom rail banging on the window frame

Chain Colour *

Stainless steel chain upgrade is recommended for coastal areas

Chain Side *

Customisations and options

Each of these would be additions to the price


Shipping Insurance *

Insurance is an additional $10, which we strongly recommend you purchase.

Inside Blind Fabrics
Inside Blind Fabrics
Outside Blind Fabrics
Outside Blind Fabrics


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