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Bottom Rail Noise Reducing Strip – reduces noise of the bottom rail banging on the window frame

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Customisations and options

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Blinds Motor Options

Each of these would be additions to the price
Learn more about the Blind Motors

Acmeda 12v Motor

• Rechargeable motor
• No electrician is required for installation
• Motor is inserted into tube so no bulky batteries or boxes
• Choose motor side based on what side it will be easiest to plug charger into
• At least one wall charger and a remote are needed

Acmeda 12v Wall Charger

Amp USB power supply
4m Micro USB cable supplied.

Acmeda 5 Channel Remote

Operates 1-4 blinds at a time

Acmeda 15 Channel Remote

Operates up to 15 blinds on separate channels
Control all blinds together or individually

Acmeda 240v Remote Motor

• This motor requires an electrician to install
• Motor tails / leads included but please contact your electrician as to what side power can be drawn to on your window
• A remote is needed

Inside Blind Fabrics
Inside Blind Fabrics
Outside Blind Fabrics
Outside Blind Fabrics

Day Night Roller Blinds

Day and night roller blinds, also known as double roller blinds, or dual roller blinds, allow you to select the level of privacy, light filtration, and temperature control that’s right for your home at different times of day, and throughout the summer and winter months.

The great advantage of day and night roller blinds for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Hobart customers is the ease with which you can switch from a light filtering blind that allows in gentle light, while reducing furniture fade during the day, to a block out blind that provides greater privacy and retains more warmth on chilly nights.

For customers ordering day/night roller blinds from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to Brisbane, Darwin, or Perth, the innovative flexibility also offers clear benefits. While customers from the north and west of the country might not have to deal with Melbourne’s infamous ‘four seasons in one day’, they can still benefit greatly from the ability to choose exactly what level of light and privacy they want in their home at any given time.

During the summer months, you may choose the block out blind as your default daytime option from your day and night roller blinds. Then, once the heat of the summer sun has passed, you can enjoy a balmy summer evening with the gentle light filtering blind providing a measure of privacy without completely shutting you off from that beautiful summer twilight.

In winter, the function of day and night roller blinds for Melbourne homeowners is likely to be reversed. During the day the light filtering blind lets in the winter sun, while gently obscuring the view so you’re not staring at the side of your neighbour’s house. Then, when the sun goes down, take full advantage of your day/night roller blinds on Melbourne’s cold winter evenings, by pulling down both blinds for better insulation and complete privacy.

Double Roller Blinds

It’s no wonder customers throughout the country love our double roller blinds. Melbourne and Hobart customers can easily switch between blinds to combat climatic extremes, while homeowners in hotter climes can keep out the worst of the heat during the day, before switching to the light filtering blinds that allow them to enjoy the gentle morning and evening light.

If they have any questions regarding the best combination of double roller blinds for their Sydney, Sunshine Coast, or Fremantle home, then customers can call our friendly team, email us photos of the window in question, or request free samples that allow them to make the right fabric choice.

Once you have made your selection, the entire process is very fast. Manufacture is usually completed within 7 working days, and because we make your blinds right here in Australia, once we finish and dispatch your dual roller blinds, Melbourne and Sydney customers could receive their blinds the very next business day, while the rest of the country can expect a speedy delivery of between two to five working days.


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