Single Blind Order

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Before proceeding with filling out this order, have you received your FREE fabric sample? If you haven’t, we recommend you order a sample to make sure you are happy with the colour of the fabric.


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Blind Width(mm) *

Blind Width(mm)

Blind Drop(mm) *

Blind Width(mm)

The minimum drop is 350mm, please check you are ordering in millimetres.
Please watch our how to measure video here.

Which Room

Window Mount *

Bracket Colour *

Bracket Colour

Bottom Rail Colour *

Inside blind Bottom Rail Colour

Fabric Directions *

Inside blind Fabric Direction

Shared Items

Bottom Rail Shape *

Bottom Rail Noise Reducing Strip – reduces noise of the bottom rail banging on the window frame

Chain Colour *

Stainless steel chain upgrade is recommended for coastal areas

Chain Side *

Customisations and Options

Each of these would be additions to the price

Aluminium Pelmet

$50 per metre of the width of the blind

Bracket Cover



Block out blinds will stop the sun, keeping your home shaded all year long. Perfectly suited to all rooms in your home but specially great for privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms.


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