Measuring for your new roller blinds is very easy but we have created this page to give you pro tips to make the process even easier.

Understanding Roller Blind Dimensions

There are only two things you need to know about roller blind dimensions. The first is width and the second is drop. Width refers to overall width of the blind including the end brackets (refer to diagram). The drop is the overall drop from the very top of the blind to where you want the base of the blind to finish. This could be the floor or at the bottom of the window (refer to diagram).


Recess Fitting Window Measuring

If you have room within the window frame to install your roller blind then your window is probably a recess window. The diagrams show the measurement you need to take if you want your blind to fit inside the window recess. Measure the full width and height of the recess and we will make the appropriate deductions to ensure a perfect fit.

Pro Tips

  • Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements
  • Measure in three places for both the width and the drop, use the smallest measurements
  • Provide us with exact measurements (don’t make any deductions), we will do that for you to ensure your blind fits perfectly

Face Fitting Window with Architrave Measuring

This is the measurement you’ll need to take if you want to fit the blind to your window’s architrave. In this case we will make the blind to your specified size with no deductions.

Pro Tips

  • Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements
  • Measure in three places for both the width and the drop, use the smallest measurements
  • Measure the width from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite edge.
  • Measure the drop from the top of the architrave to where you want the blind to finish. This means the blind could go past the bottom of the architrave if you would like.
  • Use a pelmet, this type of window design is perfect for a pelmet to be placed over the blind roller to hide the brackets.
  • Square Fit Windows do not have an architrave around them and are instead plastered, you will need to allocate extra to the width for coverage. (Remember that the full width of the blind will be both fabric and brackets).

Fabric Direction

Front Roll: A front roller blind is ideal for a customer who doesn’t want to see the roll at the top of their window. The fabric rolls from the front of the tube hiding the tube. The front roller is great for window recess applications where you need to allow extra clearance for handles or other elements associated with the window.  Be careful when ordering front rolling blind when mounting your blind on the face fitting (architrave or square set) window as it will have much larger gaps because the fabric is further from the wall. If you want the fabric closer to the wall, please order back roller.

Back Roll: The Back Roller is the most popular way of having the fabric hang off a roller blind tube, it keeps the fabric as close to the window in both a recess window mount and a face window (architrave or square set) mount. A back roller set-up provides the best heat and light reflection. You should however keep in mind any handles which stick out and may interfere with the roller fabric. To fix this issue you can either mount your blind further forward or order it as front roller.


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