Roller blinds come in two fabric directions, front roll or back roll.

Front Roll: A front roller blind is ideal for a customer who doesn’t want to see the roll at the top of their window. The fabric rolls from the front of the tube hiding the tube. The front roller is great for window recess applications where you need to allow extra clearance for handles or other elements associated with the window.  Be careful when ordering front rolling blind when mounting your blind on the face fitting (architrave or square set) window as it will have much larger gaps because the fabric is further from the wall. If you want the fabric closer to the wall, please order back roller.

Back Roll: The Back Roller is the most popular way of having the fabric hang off a roller blind tube, it keeps the fabric as close to the window in both a recess window mount and a face window (architrave or square set) mount. A back roller set-up provides the best heat and light reflection. You should however keep in mind any handles which stick out and may interfere with the roller fabric. To fix this issue you can either mount your blind further forward or order it as front roller.

back or front roller diagram